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How Denver Couples can optimize their Diet for Improved Fertility

Very few couples are truly aware of the important role that diet plays within the fertility process. The foods placed into the body are the body’s fuel for various functions, fertility included. By adhering to a fertility enhancing diet based on a combination of Chinese Medical Dietary Therapy and western Nutritional therapy, Denver couples can maximize their fertility rates to achieve a superior chance of becoming pregnant. Here are two types of food for couples to include in their fertility diet:


Whole Foods:


Whole foods are known to provide maximum nutrients to the human body, as well as fiber, antioxidants and key enzymes. By ingesting whole foods, this helps one to limit and or avoid substances such as artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sweeteners and trans-fats within the diet thereby limiting the amount of unhealthy chemicals being absorbed within the body.


Slow Carbs:


Slow carbohydrates are part of a distinct group of carbohydrates that are digested slowly causing a slower and more limited rise in blood sugar. Examples of foods within this category include beans, lentils , whole grains, and green leafy veggies. These types of foods are a highly under-rated addition to any fertility focused diet.

Eating these types of foods offers many benefits, including minimizing insulin resistance, regulating blood sugar and working to minimize the risk of gestation diabetes.


Make Diet a Key Element in the Fertility Process


Diet and nutritional therapy is one of the primary methods to improving fertility rates for Denver couples. Healing Traditions Oriental Medicine & Wellness offers thorough and individualized Dietary Therapy and counseling for each of their fertility patients to optimize fertility potential. Through Healing Traditions Dietary and Nutritional Therapy and counseling, couples can learn to understand which foods are best for their bodies when going through their fertility treatment program. With the right understanding, optimal fertility is just around the corner.

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