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Facing dismal odds of recovery, Devin and his family move from ICU to in-patient rehabilitation, and eventually into home care, while struggling to get Devin the intensive care he needs to have a fighting chance at survival. They must navigate through the many complications associated with such a serious brain injury, as well as the confusing and often frustrating limitations of the U.S. health insurance system.

Due to the lack of resources, both financial and scope of care, Devin's health and window for recovery drastically slip backwards. In a desperate search for an answer, Devin's brother Doug proposes they travel to Tianjian, China to participate in an affordable and promising stroke rehabilitation program integrating Western and traditional Chinese medicine to treat stroke victims.

Upon arriving in China, there is an aura of determination and surrender surrounding Devin as he is immediately immersed into a treatment program and philosophy unlike anything he has ever known. Until now, his obstacles had seemed insurmountable, but with this new team of compassionate and mysterious medical alchemists, a new life seems possible.

We follow Devin on this unconventional journey, during which his courage, faith, patience and desire to overcome adversity are tested on a daily basis. The trials he and his family endure along the way remind us that the human spirit can transcend any boundaries while exploring a universal community of healing and transformation.


This DVD is only available for purchase.  Your purchase contributes to raise funds for Dearth's continued recovery process and all proceeds benefit the Devin Dearth Fund. To purchase, visit http://www.9000needles.com/9,000_Needles/Store.html.


For more information about the documentary, see www.9000needles.com, and to read Dearth's wife, Stacey's, journal of his treatment and rehabilitation, see www.caringbridge.org and enter "devindearth."



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