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Testimonial from Maria G.

I sought out Gina's services after being unable to conceive for two years. I had been with two practitioners prior to Gina, and knew from the beginning, she was exceptionally different and had so much passion for what she does.

The road we traveled was not always easy and she told me from the beginning that if I followed what she recommended, I will get my desired result. She had more confidence and faith in me than I did in myself at times. This journey was an emotional roller coaster, but Gina was always there cheering me on, and provided me with all the resources to succeed. 

Our story had the best ending it could, Avery Kathryn was born in February, 2013. We are extremely appreciative for what Gina and Gary did for us. There are not enough words to express our gratitude.

For anyone out there struggling with fertility issues, I highly recommend seeking out the services that Healing Traditions Oriental Medicine can provide. We are only one couple out of many that had a happy ending. I guarantee that you cannot find a more hard working, compassionate couple out there truly dedicated to restoring health in women and helping bring healthy and beautiful babies into this world.


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