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Testimonial from Justine M.

My husband and I tried to conceive for approximately 3 years.  One year we just tried and tired, with no intervention and no success.  The second year we went to a fertility group and began our endless tests to determine what was wrong.  After about 1 year, a lot of money, tons of drugs that I needed to take orally and inject myself with and 2 rounds of IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), we were again unsuccessful and the doctors had no reason why.


I learned of Gina and Healing Traditions through a friend from work.  She told me about Gina and that she sees her to help manage her pain but she said she always hears and sees woman who are either pregnant or trying to get pregnant, coming and going from the office when she has her appointments.  She told me Gina’s reputation was very good in helping with infertility.  At this very time, I was looking for a Chinese Medicine Dr/group to seek treatment through.  I had heard through friends that Eastern Medicine can sometimes be successful with infertility.  I was so happy for the referral but had no idea what was to come.


When I first met with Gina and discussed our difficulty and desires, I automatically felt like I had found a medical professional who would hear me.  She gave me so much time (at every appointment actually) and so much attention.  It was a bit unfamiliar to be honest!  There was a lot of work to do, she explained, and the more I stuck to her protocol, the better the outcome would be.  I needed to change my diet to more clean, green and healthy intake.  I needed to lessen my alcohol, my sugar, my gluten, my caffeine (and by lessen, I mean if you could cut it out fully that was great but……..I got really close though)!  I was to start on herbs, vitamins, cleanses and shakes that she prescribed and that I would be on (some) for the majority of our work together. 


Gina had her work cut out for her too!  She explained that she needed to clean out my body/system of not only all of the junk I put in it with the “unclean” food I ate, but of the Western Medicines hormones and medicine they put into my body over the past year as well.  Then, she explained, she would begin to build up my system, in the areas that was determined I was lacking (through her bi-weekly analysis). 


These words I will never forget:  She said it would take about 5-6 months to clear my system out and begin building it up to help create and support a baby.  From month 5 or so she would begin treating me specifically for the infertility.  She explained that if we are not successful by month 10 or so, she would probably discontinue the treatment.  She said that she didn’t want to continue it past that point because, basically, if nothing happened at that point, she couldn’t really help anymore and didn’t want to just continue with treatment and costs, if chances seemed slim (I am paraphrasing but that’s what I heard in my head). 


My husband and I began our search for adoption agencies and even chose one to go through.  They had a waiting list of 1 year. We put our name on it.  It seemed like a sign.  We agreed that we would give 1 year to Chinese Medicine, while we wait for our name to come up on the waiting list with our adoption agency.  What harm could it do?  We weren’t 100% sold on Eastern Medicine but we were going to give it a shot, out last and final one to biologically have a child.


I jumped in full force, as did Gina.  I was pretty meticulous about my diet change and cooked my herbs, took my vitamins, mixed my shakes and tracked my body temperature as she taught me.  I read the books and searched the internet for articles and information that she told me about.  I went to Gina and began the acupuncture sessions.  We had lengthy, bi-weekly appointments where she would assess my progress, etc.  and she would determine where her focus and treatment needed to be each time.


4 months into our treatment and work together, I had become pregnant!  4 months!!!  Gina was as happy as I was it seemed and she began to treat me now for a healthy pregnancy.  After my first trimester and the baby appeared safe and sound, she sent me on my way.  I saw her towards the end of my pregnancy for her assistance in getting my body prepared for birth and delivery, etc. 


I must finish by saying what a firm believer and receiver of Easter Medicine I now am.  Not only because of what Gina helped me/us achieve, but because of how the changes and the treatment made me feel as a whole.  I felt so much better, physically and mentally, when following the protocol and it spilled over because at 40 years old, I had the best and easiest pregnancy, labor and delivery than anyone I know!  Now, we have been given the wonderful gift of a little, healthy, beautiful, fun, happy, calm, sweet boy.  We thank our journey, our God and Gina for this gift because we (my husband and our families) do not think this would have been possible without her intervention, knowledge, compassion, empathy and practice.  If we had had a girl, her middle name would most definitely have been Gina. 


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