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Testimonial from Brooke L.

Gina and Healing Traditions Integrated Wellness literally changed my life for the better. I first went to Gina for fertility because I was wondering why I was not getting pregnant when there was seemingly no medical issues. Together we got to the root of the underlying anxiety and insomnia issues that were causing major hormonal imbalances through doing detailed blood chemistry analysis combined with Chinese Medical diagnosis. Correcting those imbalances would create a much more comfortable home for a baby to grow.

She worked with me by integrating Western Functional Medicine with acupuncture, prescribing Chinese herbal therapy and coaching me on diet and lifestyle changes.

I almost immediately noticed a difference. I was able to successfully go off the antidepressant I was taking. I had WAY more energy, I was sleeping better, my skin looked great and I dropped 10 lbs without any effort.

Eight months after I first saw Gina I found out I was pregnant! After my husband, she was the very next person I told. I had a very healthy pregnancy and delivery and soon after, I delivered the most perfect little girl. My family moved out of state last year and my visits with Gina are one of the biggest things I miss about Denver. I don’t know that I’ll ever meet a practitioner like her again but I will sure try! In the meantime anything I put in my mouth, any medicine or vitamin I take I always stop to think ‘what would Gina say.’ 


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