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Testimonial from Jennifer L.

Dr. Gina is absolutely wonderful. I was looking for help regarding fertility issues my husband and I were having and getting very little from my OBGYN at the time. I was so lucky to have a good friend who knew Dr. Gina and was even more blessed to have the opportunity to talk with her. Right away Dr. Gina's compassion and knowledge shined. She put me at great ease and justified my feelings over our experiences.


She diagnoses and aids with extreme expertise but also a lot of heart to get to the root of any patients ailments. She is very clear with her explanations and empowers you with real knowledge of how the body works so you know exactly how you are tackling a situation and why.


But truly the most unique and important thing I can mention is how much time she gives her patients and how quickly she responds. From the littlest of questions to big panicked worries, I was in awe of her calm, kind energy and expediency to answer emails or calls and check in all the time.


Dr. Gina truly treats you like family instead of a clinical chart and I highly recommend her to anyone needing a Fertility Specialist or any of the other services she provides.


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